Celebrations of Life

“When I watch my digital Diamond QR code, I am transported back in time and get to relive the memories with my loved ones over and over again.”

Celebrations of Life

At Mill Creek Memories, we want to celebrate the life of your loved ones. The diamond code is a special digital product that is made quickly and ready for you to share. 

Over the Rainbow

“I met one of my favorite people on my grandmother’s 90th birthday. From that point forward, my aunt and I connected in a way that I will always cherish.

On one of my visits to my aunt’s, I had the extraordinary privilege of being her private audience when she was playing the beautiful piano that sat in a music room.  As I walked into the room, she began playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” I quickly whipped out my phone to begin recording. Her music was so beautiful, and I began to cry just from the lovely experience of it.  Then I just watched in amazement at her facial expressions, her closed eyes, her tiny frame in her total element doing what her life purpose was. I knew she loved every moment.

After she passed from cancer, I was incredibly sad that we didn’t have more time together but incredibly grateful for all the moments we shared.

When I use my digital Diamond QR code, just like a moment in time reality transports me back to the exact time and place where she is playing so beautifully and living happily in the moment. With this code, I smile and know I can always see her again. I always cherish this memory and now have a way for it to last forever.”

Why Choose Us

In honor of your loved ones, let’s capture and memorialize them in the most precious way. With this digital code, each and every person who wants to help memorialize your loved one will be able to view your memories with you on each and every item you print for your service. 

Completely digital

Can be scanned by any smart phone

delivery within 2hrs if placed before 4PM est

no later than 24hr creation

unlimited playbacks

Is secure and lasts forever

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